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Clogged drains happen on a regular basis. This can happen do to grease, hair, soap, or many other things. The most common way to clear clogged drains is by using a store bought drain cleaner. One thing you may not know is that these chemicals can be very harmful to your pipes, surrounding surfaces or even you and your family. Let us here at US Plumbing Pros help you understand exactly what you are dealing with when working with drain cleaners.

Most of these drain cleaners work by reacting to the blocking material with heat. This allows it to disintegrate the material and clear the pipes. These chemicals are much denser than water, therefore they have a larger chance of splashing. If these chemicals are able to clear your drains, think of what it might do to the surround surfaces of your drain. The best way to administer these drain cleaners is by pouring it as close as possible to the actual drain. You will also want to pour it fairly slowly so that not too much comes out at once which might cause it to splash up.

Besides drain cleaners a hazard to the surround areas, they are sometimes even a hazard to your pipes. Do you happen to have plastic pipes, also known as PVC? If so, most drain cleaners are much too hazardous for them and may cause the pipes to start eroding. Rather than ruin your pipes more, you should try purchasing a enzymatic cleaner. These are safe for plastic pipes, but they are much less effective. Another great way to go is by using a drain snake. These are safe for all types of pipes, but involve much more manual work.

Obviously, if drain cleaners are able to corrode pipes and surround areas to your drain, they must be very harmful to you and your family. To ensure that you do not breathe in too many fumes, you will want to make sure that you are performing this in a well ventilated area. Once you have used the drain cleaner then you should immediately leave the room while it sets in. Another thing to remember is that you should not mix different drain cleaners. If one does not work, then you should try using a drain snake or call a plumber. By mixing chemicals you may end up causing exposure to toxic gas. You should also make sure not to use any products containing bleach around the drain if it is still clogged. Chemicals mixed with bleach may cause chlorine gas which is deadly.

As you can see, drain cleaners can be very helpful, but there are many things you should think about before you decide to use one. If you do have a residential plumbing problem you are always free to call us here at US Plumbing Pros. We would happily help you find a cleaning product that will work for you or come out to your home and do it ourselves.

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