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You may be wondering what exactly HVAC stands for. Well, before you just write it off and ignore it, we want you to understand what it really is and why it is very important for you, your family, and your home. Let us here at US Plumbing Pros explain to you exactly what HVAC stands for, what it is, and why it is so important.

HVAC is quite simple to understand actually. The letters stand for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. As you can see, they all have to do with the climate and temperature inside of a home or building. These things are important because without heating, ventilation, or air conditioning you would be very uncomfortable inside your home or office. It would probably be too hot or cold or might even become quite stuffy depending on many different things. Most of the time rooms become stuffy because there are many people inside or it is very humid outside. Sitting somewhere all day or trying to sleep when you are so uncomfortable due to the temperature is very difficult and quite annoying. Also, if it is freezing outside, it may cause your plumbing to freeze making it unusable. If you had proper heating and ventilation though this would not happen.

Besides it being important for making you and your family comfortable inside of the house, think of all the other reasons temperature control is important. First off, there are many health concerns associated with it. If it is very cold in your home, you could end up getting sick. This is especially true for small children. Also, if it is too hot in the home it could cause children to overheat and get sick that way. Either way, it is not good and you do not want it to happen to you or any member of your family. Also, if there is no ventilation, mold could start to appear. Mold and other organisms usually thrive in very hot and humid areas. If you have no air conditioning or ventilation, mold and organisms may start to grow in the dark corners of your home. This is very harmful for you and your child because it may cause allergies or get into your lungs. Due to this, you really need to make sure that your home has a proper HVAC system so that your home is always comfortable and your family is safe.

If you have any questions about what type of HVAC system you need for your home or building please feel free to contact us at US Plumbing Pros. Our associates are always standing by prepared to answer your questions and possibly even set up home inspections.

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